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Cuckold Husband – Training you as My Cuck: Hide

You’re just going to have to deal with Me fucking other men. See, we’re going to start you out with a training period. We’ll start slow. you’ll help Me as I sext these other men I’ve met through various apps online, etc. I’m really hoping at least one of them come over tonight. Actually, let Me show you My #1 prospect for tonight. he has such a rock hard body and yummy cock. Mmmm, I just can’t wait to get My mouth on him. Well babe, he just text Me to let Me know he’s on his way here right now. And you want Me to enjoy Myself, don’t you? You want Me to be pleased by a real man, since you could NEVER please Me in those ways. right babe?? So let’s have so fun tonight. I promise you’ll learn to enjoy it ?

Cuckold Husband – Fucking My Personal Trainer: Hide

You know how you’ve been paying $200/hour for My personal trainer? Well.. I have to let you in on a little secret. He’s not JUST My personal trainer, lol, I’m also fucking him. That big black former athlete! yep, we’re fucking. And you’re paying him $200/hr to do so! Haha! I just love it! And I love telling him all about our little arrangement! you being My cuckold husband locked in chastity, while I’m able to fuck whoever I please. He knows you’re unable to satisfy Me, and he’s more than happy to take on that responsibility. He’s actually on his way here soon, so I want you in the corner locked up as usual! But this time I want you to watch how this BBC fucks your wife! I might even let him take Me in the ass.

Cuckold Husband – Fucked by 3 Men on Valentines Day: Hide

It’s Valentine’s Day and wow do I have the perfect night planned for us! I’m not going to fuck just one guy tonight, not two guys, but THREE guys. That’s right. All in one night. How lucky are you?! How many guys get to watch their wife be pleased by their THREE favorite boy friends, all in one night?! I even wore a special outfit for tonight, one of your favorite outfits actually! And of course I can’t help but list all your inadequacies as I get you ready for the fun filled sex fest I’m about to have. THere’s just SOOO many reasons why you and I make the perfect cuckold husband and wife. Oh wow, I wonder what this black lingerie set will look like after I get fucked all night by My studs? I bet it will be nice and covered in their yummy cum. Hahaha.. well, we are about to find out! Let’s get this fuck fest started!

lil dick loser watches Me suck & fuck big cock: Hide

This lil dick loser paid Me $200 so he could kneel in My corner and jerk his tiny little cock. Well, I’m going to make him jerk his cock and watch videos of Me sucking and fucking big giant MONSTER cock. I humiliate him for his lack of size, tease him with my big fake tits, and then head out for a night to find giant cocks for My master plan. Oh yes.. this loser is going to be on his knees in the corner pumping away his micro cock as I coerce him to watch Me with all the big cock!

I only suck big cock: Hide

This is a custom clip where I tell curt all about the big dicks I like.. the ones I like to suck, especially. curt knows his tiny little dick would NEVER get sucked by Me. I like thick cocks in My mouth, not tiny little dicks like curt has. I want 8 inches or longer with some nice girth. those are the perfect dicks for sucking. I tease curt and his tiny dick by playing with My spit, dripping it over My fingers and on My cleavage. Feel inadequate yet, curt? hahaha

Ex girl friend cuckolding + CEI & CBT: Hide

you fantasize about your ex girl friend each night, don’t you? Why did she leave you in the first place? Come on.. tell Me… tell Me why she left you as you look right into the mirror at yourself, completely naked, and recite all those reasons. Look at yourself, you know she will never come back to you, right? She left you because you couldn’t satisfy her. I want you to pull of a picture of her and look straight at her pretty face. Look at her face and tell her why you think she left you. And if that isn’t humiliating enough, I want you to grab a picture of her from her Facebook account with another man. I want you to really ponder the thought of this other man pleasing her. He’s pleasing her in all those ways you NEVER could. Look at you, so pathetic, stroking your cock over the thought of her with another man. Now I want you to show her what you deserve – you deserve to punch yourself right in the nuts! you are NOT a real man, you’re just a pathetic little pussy who deserves to punch himself in the balls over and over as you stroke yourself like the lonely little reject that you are. aww, does it hurt? are you going to cry? HAHAHAHA.. you’re pathetic and everyone knows it. Just when you think I’m done with you I take it one step further. It’s time to REALLY show your ex gf that you’ll do ANYTHING for her.

Cuckolded loser Exposed: Hide

This is a little Blackmail Fantasy (Fantasy) clip I made for one of My slaves who failed Me. I demanded he pay for My $1000 hotel suite, but he didn’t follow through. See. this slave has an inner conflict. he knows he’s a loser, but sometimes he really struggles with just accepting it. Well this clip will help, because I’ve decided to out him to the entire world. I list his name, and reason after reason after reason as to why he’s just a HUGE failure as a “man.” He is just a loser cuckold, and that’s all he will ever be. Real men get to enjoy Me in ways he could never even DREAM of. So instead of wasting his life wishing he could be a real man, he needs to just accept his place as a lowly cuckold who gets to pay hot girls like Me to enjoy real men. on his dime! Oh, and this clip cost him $350, and I’m still going to make him purchase it from one of My stores. actually.. he’s going to purchase it from ALL My stores. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!


Cuckolded loser Exposed
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