Maria Jade – ‘Cousin Lovin in Vegas’

My Older Cousin Maria and her boyfriend had booked a trip to Las Vegas but at the last minute they had a fight and her boyfriend wouldn’t go. So Maria asked me if i wanted to go and i said hell yeah, we went to the pool on the first day and even though it was packed with hot chicks I couldn’t take my eyes off my cousins amazing body. When we got back up to the room to get ready for dinner we both needed to take a showers. She volunteered to go first, and then casually she turned away from me and started to take her top off! Like I wasn’t even there! But then when she was topless she caught herself and apologized. After her shower she came out still dripping wet, in nothing but a teeny tiny white towel, which clearly showed every curve and dip! She must know how that white wet towel showed her nipples and body off! The shower was all mine, so i was headed into the bathroom, i turned around just as she dropped her towel and HOLY HELL it was awesome! While i was in the shower I hear my cuz knocking on the door and said she needed to do her makeup. She asked if she could come in. I didn’t know what to say, but I was sure as hell not going to refuse her. I guess I said "Sure," and she replied "No peeking!" So, of course, i peeked. She was still naked! We chatted while I jerked off thinking about her sweet juicy thick ass, and then we had a little show and tell! This is the first part in a 4 part series Cousin Lovin In Vegas, it stars Marie Jade, this episode is only a tease episode with nudity but no sex. this is just the beginning guys, in the next episode we have to share a bed

So Earlier today i showed my cousin my cock in the shower (Part 1) and now its time for bed! When I walked out of the bathroom the first thing i notice was that we only have one bed, i asked my cousin about the role away she ordered. She said that the hotel didn’t have any available and that we could just share a bed. i told her that would be a bit weird since i liked to be in bed naked, she gave me a little giggle and said she did too. she told me to strip down and that she wouldn’t look, so i got it to bed with my super hot cousin NAKED! Once we said our good nights i started tossing and turning, my sexy cuz asked what was wrong, so awkwardly i told her. i needed to jack off before i could nod off, she said no problem and to go ahead she wouldn’t look. i was to nervous and said i couldn’t do that laying in bed with my cousin, its just wrong. she looked me right in the eye and said give me the damn lube! so i did, wouldn’t you? she proceed to give me the best handjob I’ve ever had, when i said i was gonna cum she caught in all in a towel. then she kissed me or rather my dick good night. part 3 coming soon! This is a handjob scene starring Maria Jade

So not only did i get to see my cousin naked when i was taking my shower yesterday but last night i couldn’t relax before bed and so my super hot cousin jerked me off. this has already been the best Vegas trip ever, until this morning that is! i woke up in bed with my cousin naked next to me! her ass look so good i just had to reach out and touch it, so i did! my cuz was a little cranky when she woke up and said she wanted to go back to bed. i told her i did too but i needed her help really fast. she asked with what, so i moved the sheets off me and showed her my rock hard cock! she asked what i wanted her to do about it, i said since she was so helpful last night maybe she could help again? sh e got a naughty grin on her face and said sure, i told her to do what she wanted! my cuz got between my legs and stared sucking my fat cock, she slurped and sucked for a while. when i told her i was gonna cum she just kept sucking so i filled her mouth with my hot jizz! i cant wait to see what else happens on this greatest Vegas trip ever! This is past 3 in the Cousin Lovin In Vegas series, its a Blowjob scene starring Maria Jade

I didn’t think my Vegas trip could get any better after the great blowjob i got earlier today from my super hot cousin but it did! when i came out of the bathroom i saw my cuz was on the phone and she looked like she was irritated with the caller. so i went up and asked her who she was talking to, she said it was her Ex . the ex she was suppose to take on this Vegas trip we were on right now. the loser was trying hard to get her back and i could see she wasn’t having it, so i got a really wicked idea. i striped naked in front of her while she was talking and put my fat cock right in her face and would you believe. she actually stated sucking me off while talking to her ex, so i pushed my luck even further and fucked my sexy ass cuz while she talked on the phone to her ex boyfriend. i filled her tight pussy up with my nut and from what i hear from my cousin i think her and her boyfriend might actually work it out. LOL even if they do get back together im still gonna fuck my cousins brains out at the next family get together! this is part 4 in cousin lovin in vegas, it stars Maria Jade


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