Anastasia Rose – ‘My Cousin Is A Webcam Model’

Me and my cousin Ana got to the same collage but since we’ve been at school ive noticed something weird. my and Ana’s parent never had a lot of money, truth be told we were both gonna be in huge student load debt when we graduated. with all that being said since we’ve been at school Ana has bought a new car, moved into a condo and was paying for her own collage. i never asked her how but deep down i was a little jealous. one day Ana texted me and said she needed me to come over to her place asap. when got there her roommate let me in and i walked into Ana’s room, she had a lap rigged up with a camera pointing at the bed. i knew that was weird but i had know idea what this all was meant but i was curious. i asked her about the camera and stuff and she just flat out told me that she had been making her money as webcam model, like a lot of money. she told he she did all the stuff with her boyfriend and they just broke up. she said she need another guy she could trust to shoot with and that she had a big money client was willing to pay big bucks for a show tonight. i asked what she needed me for and she told me she needed me to be her male talent and she would split the profits with me. she said it would just be a handjob and i shouldn’t stress about it being to weird. i really needed the money but fooling around with my cousin just felt wrong. i told her i would do it, so i got naked and laid on the bed while my sexy as could jerk off my raging hard cock. i told her id be by tomorrow ti pick up my cut. This is part 1 of My Cousin Is A Webcam Model, it stars Anastasia Rose and is a Taboo Pov Handjob scene

So i found out yesterday that my cousin is a webcam model and that’s how shes been making all her money. i was shocked since we went to the same collage and i never knew. she needed my help because she use to do all her shows with her boyfriend but they broke up. she asked me to help since i was a good looking guy that she could trust, i was supper reluctant at first but eventually agreed to help her. my sexy cousin ended up giving me an amazing handjob. i told her i would be by today for my half of the money but when i got there she said her best customer offered her more money for another show with us. he said he would double it if we did a blowjob scene. i couldn’t say no to double the money even if she was my cousin. im a broke collage student and i really needed the money. My cousin Anastasia sucked me, blew me and deep throated me for a few minutes. when i eventually came she swallowed my nut without spilling a drop! This is part 2 of My Cousin Is A Webcam Model, it Stars Anastasia Rose. this is a POV Taboo Blowjob scene

I went over to my cousin Ana’s to get paid for our topless blowjob show we did yesterday. when i got there we made some quick small talk and then she told me the customer wanted to watch us do another blowjob show. i didn’t hesitate to say yes, we’ve already done it once so why not do it again and besides it feels amazing having my sexy cuz suck me off. half way through the BJ show my cousin got a message from her customer messaged her. she stop sucking me and checked her messages, she was stunned and told me he was offering 5 times the BJ rate if we fucked. i didn’t bat an eye, i fucked my cousin like she had never been fucked before. i think im gonna like being business partners with my sexy cuz This is part 3 of My Cousin Is A Webcam Model, it stars Anastasia Rose and is a Taboo POV Sex scene


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