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Lyra is getting ready for her date with her boyfriend when her earring drops down the register. She pulls off the heavy cast iron cover and fishes around into the ducts when her bracelet gets caught on a screw. Lyra’s eyes go wide in disbelief as she pull, pull, pulls her stuck wrist to no avail. She calls out for help but no one is home. She tries to reach her phone but it is just barely out of reach. Her wrist gets tired from pulling so she waits..

Several hours later…

Lyra’s brother comes in the door and Lyra calls out for him excitedly. "You’ve got to help me get out of here." He grabs some baby oil to try to release her hand, his body is pressed up against her’s when he pulls her back and forth. The back and forth thrusting with his arms wrapped around her, the smell of her, her grunting, sweating, made the blo.o.d rush to his cock. Lyra felt his boner and gasped! She yelled at him to leave but instead he playfully lifted up her skirt with his sneaker.

She hissed at him, he retaliated by pouring oil all over her pretty white panties. The oil hit the white nylon and made them see through, she bucked her hips in protest, taunting him with a clear view of her perfect pussy underneath sheer, wet fabric. He couldn’t resist touching her, could you blame him? Just look at how perfect she looks with her green eyes pleading for mercy.

He rubbed her, spanked her, toyed with her pussy and then he unzipped his pants. He had to feel her for himself. He slid his cock up and down her wet slit until she whimpered in pleasure, humiliation, and anticipation. He pressed his thick cock into her tight little pussy and she moaned, she tried to fight her pleasure moans, but she bucked her hips against his hard shaft and accepted him. She was ashamed as she tried to fight off the orgasm, but it built until she came all over his eight inch cock.

He lifted her limp body to his cock, still hard, twitching from his last orgasm. She hesitantly kiss, kiss, kissed her brother’s cock. Her eyes were locked on his as she accepted him inside of her mouth. He thrusted into her mouth just as he thrusted into her tight little pussy. He came inside of her mouth, the cum dripping all over her breasts.

Watch the story unfold…


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