Lexi King – Rebounding with Mommy


You come home to see Mommy sitting on your bed. She’s been waiting for you because she heard you and your girlfriend broke up and she wants to cheer you up. She tells you that you’re better off without her because she’s a little slut, and the only woman you need in your life is Mommy. She starts telling you how she’s had this urge to kiss you in a non motherly way, and you don’t fight it. You both know it’s so wrong but you both have thought about being naughty with each other. Before long, Mommy is riding your cock, you flip her onto her back and fuck her, and she decides she wants to suck you off, so she licks and sucks your cock, but then decides she wants you to cum in her pussy, and she rides you again and you cum deep inside mommy’s pussy!


Name: Lexi_King_-_Rebounding_With_Mommymov
Format: mov – Size: 1.27 GB – 00:12:02 – 1920 x 1080

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