Nikki Brooks in Mom is Always Naked

Scene One: Montage

My mom is sitting in the kitchen, completely naked and drinking a glass of wine while she talks on the phone with my dad. I am at my mom’s house all week and she is trying to figure out what to do with me! We could go to the pool, the beach or maybe the arcade. She stands up and decides to vacuum the floor. There are some stains on the floor that she tries to rub out with the bottom of her black high heel. As she rubs her foot on the floor, her big tits bounce up and down. My mom walks over to the dryer and she bends over, exposing her pussy. She walks over to the dish washer and starts to unload the dishes, since I didn’t want to do my chores today! "I know what we can do today… It’s time to turn that naive, young boy in to a man!" she says to herself. She starts to rub her clit and masturbate while thinking of all the dirty things she plans on doing with me…

Scene Two: Watching mom Get Ready

I am in my bedroom looking for MILF porn to jerk off to on my phone when my mom walks in on me! I ask her why she’s naked and she tells me that she has become a nudist as her mid-life crisis. She tells me that she doesn’t want my cum to build up inside of my balls because it could really start to hurt! She tells me how she relieves my dad from his blue balls all the time and that’s how he avoids getting infections! I’m really nervous but my mom tells me that it’s going to feel good! She bends over and she puts my cock in her mouth and she sucks my cock until she sucks the infection out of me! She tells me that we should maybe not tell my dad about this…

Scene Three: mom Partied Too Hard

My mom tells me how I never do my chores, and I tell her that she’s such a nice mommy for doing them all for me! mommy does everything for me including milking my pee-pee the other day! "Don’t you think mommy deserves a little something extra, since she does everything for you?" she asks me. I don’t understand what she is talking about. "I want you to fuck mommy!" she exclaims. She tells me how she is getting so turned on by me! She lies down on her back and tells me to shove my cock in her pussy. Her big tits bounce up and down while I fuck her. "You’re such a good boy!" she moans. She flips over in to the doggy style position so I can fuck her from behind. "Let me show you what mommy does with daddy!" she exclaims. She keeps fucking me and she ends up making me cum before I was supposed to! "Let mommy clean that all up!" she tells me, as she goes to lick the cum off the tip of my cock.

Scene Four: mom is Angry

My mom is sitting on the couch in our living room, completely naked with a glass of wine! She is on the phone with my dad and she is screaming at him over all the whore’s he’s been fucking on his business trip. "Your son had no problem sticking his cock inside of my tight, wet pussy! There I said it!" she yells at him. She tells him that she is going to take photo’s of me fucking her and send it to him! My mom hops on top of me and she rides my cock as her big, natural tits bounce up and down! She takes her phone out and records a short video of her riding my cock and she sends it to my dad! I end up cumming inside of my mom’s pussy and then she takes a picture of the creampie to send to my dad… I really hope they don’t get divorced!


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