Harley Sin – Mommy Catches You

"Your mommy comes home from work early, she catches you masturbating. She doesn’t know what to do, so she decides to speak with you about it. She thought she heard you calling mommy, was this true? Were you calling your mommy’s name while you masturbated? She’s happy you told her the truth, she loves you and just wants to take care of you. She admits she was surprised by how beautiful your cock was, and how.aroused she felt seeing you touch yourself. She wants to try something, and she starts rubbing your cock. She notices you’re getting bigger, way bigger than your father. She starts taking her clothes off, asks you if this is what you were thinking about when you were touching yourself. Your mommy taking her clothes off? She tells you to be a good boy, and touch her pussy. Her slowly put your fingers inside your mommys cunt. She really likes that. She reminds you it’s special when a woman spreads her legs for a man. The least you could do is put your cock inside her pussy. Your mommy tells you to keep pumping her pussy, rub her clit and she cums. You grab her, flip her around. She wants you to take it slow, her pussy is sensitive. You start fucking her from behind, but it’s not long before you get excited and pound her hard. The more she talks dirty, the harder you fuck her. She wants you to fill her up, you both cum at the same time."


Name: Harley Sin – Mommy Spreads Her Legsmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 3.01 GB – 00:21:15 – 1920 x 1080

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