[Mind Under Master] Bachlorette Party

[Mind Under Master] Bachlorette Party [WEBRIP]

Summer Day is so super excited to share the big news that she called all her girlfriends over to tell them she’s getting MARRIED! But her friends are concerned. She’s only been seeing this guy a couple months AND he cheated on her, with two women! Summer says it was all a misunderstanding, she gets it they don’t like him, but he REALLY likes them and he insist they watch their engagement video. — The girls aren’t sure what to make of it, it’s just shifting colors but they can’t seem to look away. Summer tells them to get on their hands and knees for a closer look and they all obey. Summer props her feet up on Amilia Onyx’s back and begins to program her friends. They are submissive, docile, obedient and in need of a master. The girl repeat what she tells them while she bring home her future husband. Summer programs them one by one to fall madly in love with him. Alex Chance is just jealous of Summer. Samantha Hayes is desperate just to taste any part of his body. And Amilia is going to help Summer recruit more woman for their master. He deserves as many women as he want. Once they’re all properly trained they surround him and share him, one by one while the other girls adoringly whisper in his ears telling him how blessed they are to serve him, how lucky the are to worship him, how much they love watching so many beautiful women pleasure one man.


Name: [Mind Under Master] Bachlorette Party [WEBRIP]mp4
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