[MissaX] Snowballs with Silver Linings pt 1 and 2

It’s freezing cold, windy, and snowing and Krissy has persuaded Jill to walk with her to get chocolate and rent a movie from the box rental machine a mile away! "It’s movie night," Krissy explains sweetly, "we can’t break family tradition just because of a silly snow storm." Jill adores Krissy, she’s always been the mother she’s never had. When Jill’s dad split up with Krissy, she had a choice to live with her father or Krissy and it was a no-brainer.. but tonight, she is cold and in a cranky mood. Jill complains about how they no longer have a car, and if her daddy never cheated on Krissy, they’d be driving to get the chocolate and movie. When Krissy married her father they moved into a beautiful new home that was tight for their combined budget, but now that daddy is out of the picture, Krissy has had to sell the car to keep the house. Jill pouts as snow gets in her boots, "life is SO unfair." Krissy smiles warmly as she rubs her mittens together, "life is just a series of obstacles to overcome. Look at this beautiful winter scenery, can’t you see the silver lining?" She reaches down and tosses a snowball playfully at Jill. Jill brushes the snow off her cold skin, "ooh!" She runs after Krissy and grabs snow and puts it inside Krissy’s panties. Jill’s fingers touch the inside of Krissy’s labia and she begins to feel turned on, warm even though it’s negative ten with the windchill. Krissy looks at Jill in shock and Jill inches closer, closer, closer to Krissy’s lips, she kisses Krissy. "Mommy.." Krissy looks at her, part excited and part scared about what she will do next. "I’m cold," Jill says in her youthful little voice. Krissy sighs with some relief, maybe that touch was accident, that kiss, maybe she didn’t mean to kiss on the lips? "Let’s go inside and warm you up, sweet girl," Krissy tells Jill.

Stepmother, India Summer, tells her stepdaughter, Scarlett Sage, that there will be no college classes today, no work for her either, the snowfall has practically cancelled the city for the day! Scarlett is more pleased about the free day than India could imagine, she has been looking for the opportunity to seduce her stepmother, and she will not let India smoothly evade her advances. India struggles between her lust for her beautiful stepdaughter, her fidelity to her husband, and her sense of right and wrong.


[MissaX] India Summer, Scarlett Sage (Snowballs with Silver Linings 2 – 27 01 2019) [1080p]
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