DASD-272 Ru Abduction!Commit!Fill!Throw Away! Uehara Hanakoi Takizawa Canon

Got a good one for you here, the title basically translates to “Ru Abduction!Commit!Fill!Throw Away! Uehara Hanakoi Takizawa Canon” but as always I’ve done my best to translate it into something a bit more understandable.

Anyway this vid isn’t QUITE what I’d call an abduction fantasy, basically because there aren’t really any other people around for this entire movie. The vid starts out focusing on these 2 girls at the beach (which is absolutely deserted) but after a minute we find out it’s not quite deserted as there are 2 guys there watching the girls.

The guys go up to the girls who are playing in the water and start out acting nice but quickly change and start getting a bit more hands on and rough, forcing them to blow them on the beach before dragging them off to an abandoned building to have some fun with them, playing with their bodies before making them blow them again and finishing w/ rough-ish sex.

After that the vid cuts to the 4 of them back on the beach where the guys force the girls to dig deep holes in the sand naked, and then tell them to get in them where they then cover them up to their waists before making them blow them again and piss on them afterwards. After that it cuts to a scene that’s supposed to be at night where the guys again have sex with the naked and apparently exhausted girls, before leaving them the next day on the beach gagged and tied up in rugs,lol

It’s definitely something a bit out of the ordinary, but then that’s always been one of the best things about JAV porn, right?


Name: [HD]DASD-272
Format: avi
Size: 1.45 GB

Width: 1280 pixels
Height: 720 pixels
Format: AVC