Princess Miki – B-Mailing the Pay Piggy Professor

I’m a bad student, but you’re a bad professor. Your Economics class sucks, and besides, I’m extremely fluent in the language of economics. sexual economics, that is.

You already know that, because you’re the anonymous piggy I’ve been draining online. You didn’t know I knew.

Today, you emailed Me about My attendance – or lack thereof – and called Me to your office. You thought you could reverse the roles we play online in the “real world,” putting on your big boy professor pants to lecture the girl you jerk to and send to daily?

I didn’t always know. I had to dig a little first. Originally, I was looking for any kind of dirt on you so that I could bmail you into giving Me that A, despite never going to class.

What I found by hacking into your email was GOLD. You were already My bitch, but now I want to step it up a notch. After I humiliate you in person, making you jerk your perverted piggy cock in front of Me, you’ll be ruined for good.

What a mortifying professor-student sex scandal it would be if this got out. You can’t even have the honor of saying you fucked your hot student! Instead, everyone will know you’re a masturbation addicted pay pig who got fucked over by his student.


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