Princess Miki – Jerk To Your Findom Spending History

Princess Miki – Jerk To Your Findom Spending History.

Hello, my little piggy.

Do you remember what you were like before you stumbled on to your findom fetish? It’s probably hard to remember at this point, huh?

The first time you experienced that rush of giving to a hot, bratty girl online who doesn’t give a fuck about you, you knew you couldn’t go back. How hard your cock throbbed after you hit send, that orgasm you never experienced before.

Do you wish you could turn away from it? Probably, huh? Go back to having normal desires, a normal sex drive that doesn’t drive you into bankruptcy. But it’s too late.

Your cock is throbbing as you listen to me talk about this.

I want you to face this reality, the reality of your addiction, in the form of recalling every single time you gave into your desires. Every single time you hit send and felt that rush. Think about it. Your spending history in regards to findom.

Now get naked. Get naked, strip yourself of every single item of clothing like you’ve stripped yourself of your dignity once you stumbled upon your addiction. You’ve been stripped of your dignity, turned yourself into a human ATM, a pay pig that’s only good for your money.

Now jerk, jerk to your spending history. Not just on me, no. To your entire history of indulging in findom.

Jerk hard, jerk fast, jerk to that debt you’ve accumulated as a silly little piggy. Jerk. Jerk for me.

Jerk to every single time you’ve given into the greed of a hot, spoiled brat.

Nothing is hotter, huh? Nothing is hotter than being turned into a pathetic little wallet. You’re not even human anymore. You’re an ATM for hot girls like me.

Think about how much you’ve wasted.

Think about it. Keep jerking. Keep jerking to that dollar amount. Think about every single transaction. Every single tribute you’ve sent, every single clip you’ve bought.

Are you close to cumming? Yeah, I bet you are. Keep stroking. Keep stroking to your debt. Keep stroking to the fact that you’re just a little piggy. An ATM for hot women who don’t care about you.

You’re just my money.

You’re pathetic.

Jerk. Jerk. Jerk. Now cum.

Yeah, look at you. Look at you, covered in your cum, just from thinking about all that you’ve spent.

Now I want you to feel it on another level.

Eat that cum. Eat that cum, taste that debt. Every last drop of it. Yeah, idiot. Taste it. Savor the taste of your debt, of your spending habits, how much you’ve given to hot brats on the internet.

Taste it. Swallow it. Now keep spending. Each time you spend, you add to the pleasure of the next orgasm you reach thinking about the debt you’ve collected.


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