Mistress Stella – Dickshrinking Dreamloop

Sleep deep and slip effortlessly into my endless swirling spell of clitty-shrinking affirmations. The more you listen to this file, the smaller your already-tiny clitty will shrink, until your outer appearance matches the precious girl inside of you. I recommend listening to this file while sleeping, so the full effects can be absorbed into your soft, girly subconscious.

For those with very susceptible minds, you may awaken in the morning to find your pathetic excuse for a penis has shrunk ever so slightly. Erections (that thing real men’s cocks do) will become harder and harder, then almost impossible. Being limp is so much more pleasurable anyway. Your princess stick will shrivel up in fear of superior women’s frightening pussies and out of sheer obedience to the powerful, throbbing hard cocks of genuine alpha males.

While this file works best on sleeping sissy minds, you may also listen during waking hours, rubbing your soft little weewee like a girl while waiting for me to give you permission to “squirt squirt” and milk out all your creamy sissy juices (for you to lick up like a good whore).

Warning: This file may have long lasting effects if you listen to it while sleeping on a regular basis. The mind is quite vulnerable to new ideas while sleeping and dreaming, so do not listen if you aren’t prepared to truly be mentally sissified.

01. Dickshrinking Dreamloop (47:13)

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