Princess Piper – Tease And Denial Sissy Edging

Tease And Denial Sissy Edging

I want you all dressed up for me. I mean you are a little sissy bitch, so let’s put that little sissy clitty cock into something more appropriate. I want you in a nice girly pair of panties and a little sissy outfit. Your dick belongs in anything girly. And now I’m going to tell you how I want you to edge that little sissy dick for me. I know you love edging. You’re going to edge it for me inside your sissy panties.

You love being a little edging sissy for me, don’t you? Rub that little clitty cock outside of the panties. I know you’re so excited to rub that clitty cock while I laugh and humiliate you. I love seeing you all sissified for me, the way that it should be, I mean you are a sissy bitch. I don’t know what else you would wear lol. You love treating your dick like a little clitty, edging it for me. Now put your hand down your panties and edge it. Get that sissy cock nice and horny for Princess. I’m going to make you edge that little sissy cock of yours over and over and over again, building up that orgasm.

Edge that clitty for my ass. I know you love edging that sissy cock in your panties. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a nice explosive sissy orgasm. Keep edging that tiny sissy penis of yours as you stare at my cleavage. I’m going to tease and deny you over and over again, each time you reach that edge I’m going to make you stop and start all over again until your sissy brain melts. I just want to edge that clitty dick over and over again, you fucking little sissy.

I know you wanna cum, don’t you sissy? You want to cum like the sissy bitch that you are. Work up another edge for my ass again. Rub it like a clitty. Stay on the edge for me. Now hands off your sissy dick. That tiny little sissy cock in your panties is so horny right now. I’ll bet it’s twitching in your panties. Rub it again. Build up to another edge. Edge that clitty cock, that sissy dick in your tight panties. You love feeling like a sissy for me. I know you’re so close to cumming, aren’t you sissy? Now stop, hands off your sissy dick bitch LOL! I have you so worked up. I love fucking with stupid sissies.

I know you want to have that sissy orgasm and I’m going to laugh at you and humiliate you when you cum. Rub it again. Bring yourself to the edge in your sissy panties. I want you to cum inside of those sissy panties for me, that’s where your sissy orgasm goes. Cum sissy, cum in your sissy bitch panties. You just came inside of female panties while being laughed at and called a sissy bitch at the same time and you loved every second of it, didn’t you?


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