Harlowe Blue – 18 Year Old Gets Creampied By Step-Dad

I was supposed to go get a job this week….but my mom’s been at work and I didn’;t realize my step-dad was home! He knocked on my door and started giving me a HARD time because I haven’;t gone out to go apply at places yet, he wants me to pay rent, what kinda idiocy is that?! My plan for today was NOT to find a job, but to go to the mall with my friends! And of course I need money to go to the mall, so I decide while I have my stepdad here I would ask him for some cash. He starts telling me that he would pay me a little bit of money here and there to clean the toilets, shine his shoes and do some chores around the house- but it wasn’;t enough! What else could I do for some more money…. He suggests that he could maybe touch my tits or fuck my pussy, MY STEP DAD?! One thing leads to another and suddenly I’;m sucking his cock and he’;s playing with my tits! In the end my step-dad creampies my tight teen pussy, he gets what he wants and I get what I want (Money!) But shhh….don’;t tell my mom!


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