House of Fyre – Taurus Angel, Raquel Roper – Anal Delinquent, Babysitters Blackmailed

Babysitter Raquel invites over her friend Taurus even though she knows she’s not supposed to. Taurus is a bad influence, but Raquel looks up to her & tries to impress her. The girls had been smoking in the living room, and Taurus even brought over beer. The father (Laz) comes home & is angry to find Raquel breaking his one rule: NO having friends over.

He threatens to fire Raquel but she begs for her job. She won’t have any spending money. Laz realizes he has the upper hand & decides to blackmail the girls: If they BOTH give him a blowjob, he won’t fire Raquel. Neither girl wants to do it, but Raquel pleads with Taurus to help her out, and they give in.

While the girls are sucking his dick, Laz makes them undress. Then he decides to double blackmail them: He’s going to tell Raquel’s parents about her smoking if the girls don’t have sex with him. They’re pretty upset about it but they realize they’re not going to win this one. So they take turns riding his cock & sucking it. After they’ve both ridden him hard, he makes them lie down in a double-stack & goes from one girl’s pussy to the next. He tells them to make out while he fucks them from behind.

Laz decides to go in for the triple blackmail. He’s just not satisfied yet. Sure, this has been great, but he can get sex from his wife. What can’t he get? ANAL. He tries to shove his cock into Raquel’s ass but she whines & cries; there’s no way she can do it. The girls fight, and Raquel begs Taurus to do it, but she says she’s never done anal before. She finally relents & lies on her side on the couch. Laz slides his big dick into her asshole. He makes Raquel watch & says, "see what you did to your friend?" Then he double-stacks them again: Raquel’s face right under Taurus’ ass, and makes Raquel eat out Taurus while he fucks her ass.

As great as that sweet, young, tight ass is, he wants a spectacular finish. He makes the girls get on their knees & without even cleaning off his cock, makes them give him a blowjob. A little ass-to-mouth will teach these delinquents not to take their responsibilities so lightly. He lines up their pretty young faces & he comes first in Taurus’ eyes, then all over Raquel’s face.


Name: House of Fyre – Taurus Angel, Raquel Roper – Anal Delinquent, Babysitters Blackmailed 1080pmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 783.35 MB – 00:34:57 – 1912 x 1088

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