SNIS-243 Baby-faced Agent Yoshikawa Manami Woman To Confront A Secret Investigator

Aimi is a top secret agent who charms with a pretty face and kicks ass with her combat prowess. Her latest mission goes awfully wrong and she’s captured by a group of men. Seeing they got their hands on a top prize, they make the most of it and gangbang their newly acquired sex slave, covering Aimi in their cum. Next thing she knows she’s being tied to walls and molested by vibrator and a hitachi and the toys make her cum. She next finds herself locked in a cell with another man who will offer water to his cellmate in exchange for a titfuck. She again meets her molester with toys, but this time in his bedroom and this time her fucks her well and hard and gives her a facial. Once again Aimi finds herself in a cell, this time a proper prison cell, but that doesn’t help her when she gets a visit from a corrupt lawyer and a police officer. They don’t take long telling Aimi it’s rape time and she suffers two more cocks in her and two more loads on her face.


Name: SNIS-243
Format: wmv
Size: 1.61 GB

Width: 720 pixels
Height: 404 pixels
Format: WMV1