Princess Miki – Ruin Your Orgasm

Already, by just reading the title, you probably noticed a couple of things. Why did I put “ruin” in quotations? Surely, you know what a ruined orgasm is. but from down there, on your knees, I want you to listen closely to the lesson I have for you as you stroke MY cock for Me.

You aren’t ruining anything. You are sacrificing the full pleasure and satisfaction of a regular orgasm for Me, and your orgasm was never yours to begin with. As My submissive, you need to embrace the fact that obedience is what you should find most sexually fulfilling.

I will make it challenging, utilizing My body to test your resolve. Throughout the clip you are going to crave an explosive orgasm. It will indeed feel like you are about to ruin something great.

But the challenge is what makes this so erotic and so beautifully satisfying, even though you will be physically frustrated.


Format: mp4 – Size: 987.56 MB – 00:13:24 – 1920 x 1080

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