[FamilyThearpy] – Naomi Woods – Lastnight

***Continued from What You Want *** It was around 1am when I woke up and went to the kitchen. I was only wearing panties. My brother was awake too and looking in the cabinets for something to eat. Of coarse he told me I shouldn’t be walking around half naked. I love messing with him. He gets so stressed out. He’s always saying we need to be careful, it’s like he thinks I want to get caught or something. I just like pushing the limits a little, that’s all… I told him to relax and kissed him. I grabbed his dick and he didn’t stop me. My brother fucked me right on the kitchen counter where Mom makes dinner. It was so hot knowing our parents were asleep in the other room and my brother was inside me… It was perfect… Until Alex fucked everything up by telling me he got accepted to a school out of state, and he’s leaving in a few days. I can’t believe he waited to the last minute to tell me… And let me have sex with him first. I hate him, how can he just leave me here? We’re in love. It’s not supposed to end like this…. ***Starring Naomi Woods***


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