Tigger Rosey – Babysitter Sex Education with K9 Dog

Babysitter Sex Education with K9 Dog

Tigger Rosey
Canadian / Canada
19:07 min – Apr 10 – .MP4 – 2.70 GB – 1920×1080 HD
Doggystyle Odd Insertions Older Woman / Younger Man . Sex ED Taboo

You tell "me" (the camera) that the last time you babysit for me, I had lots of questions about sex, so this time you’re going to do a demonstration for me. You say that I’m a little too young to have sex with you myself, but even though it’s a little different with dogs than men, maybe if you have sex with my dog Rover (you can give the dog a different name if you want) I’ll get the general idea. You call Rover over and the POV switches to "dog’s eye view" for the rest. You say that the first thing to do is to get the male in the mood, and give Rover a little striptease. Once naked, you give him a good view of your breasts and bush, then turn around, bend over and shake your booty for him. You say that it looks like Rover likes what he sees, since his cock is starting to come out. You say that at this point, the woman should make sure the male is as excited and as hard as possible, and the best way to do that is to use her mouth. You get on your knees, tell Rover to stand still and start sucking his dick (the K9 dildo). While servicing him, you point out that one big difference is that the dog will be shooting precum from when he starts getting hard until his climax, while a man just has the one big ejaculation. While giving him more licking and sucking, you ask Rover if it feels good, and tell him how good he tastes. You say that you can tell from how his hind leg is twitching, this dog is in heaven right now. Finally, you say that you think he’s ready for the main event. You explain that you’re going to let Rover have your pussy, and this is also a little different than with a human – while a man can try to control himself to prolong the experience, a dog will pound the pussy as hard as possible to loosen it up for his knot. You ask Rover if he’s ready, then get on all fours and let him penetrate you doggystyle, and he pounds you hard and fast as you moan with pleasure and beg him to fuck you. After pounding you for awhile, Rover starts to slow down. You say that he’s getting ready to knot, and quickly turn over into a missionary position. "Ok Rover, be a good boy and finish me off," you say. After a few last hard thrusts he gets the knot in, you explain how he just had his orgasm and is now shooting his sperm into you, and the knot is there to hold his cum inside the female to ensure she gets pregnant. While you grind your hips on his cock, you continue encouraging him to drain his balls, and saying how big his load is. When he’s finally done ejaculating, his cock slides out of you and you spread your legs to show the creampie. "Look at all that doggie cum," you say, and explain that a dog’s sperm can’t actually get a human woman pregnant, but if he could, Rover would have just knocked you up for sure. You ask me if I understand a little more about sex. You say that Rover can have some pussy from you anytime he wants, so the next time you babysit I can watch you and the dog have sex again if I still have any questions. –I manage to get the knot in for the first time! i never have before. There was a little bit of technical difficulties with the toy at the end but it was suuuuper awesome feeling. xxxx


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