Miss Ellie – Anal for Rent (Parts 1/2/3)

Anal for Rent
I couldn’t pay my rent this month, I’ve got nowhere to go. I’m begging you to help me and give me a place to stay. I’ll do anything… no matter how nasty it is, to have a place to stay… Just so happens that you have a great idea. You’d love to have an asshole to play with and look into. You make me stretch my asshole open with 4 different dildos and my fist. You have me hold massive wide open anal gapes, even as farts come out and I’m prolapsing. This is my record for anal gaping

Anal for Rent Part II
SECOND PART to "Anal for Rent" ……. My sir comes home and the fun begins, I’ve had a toy in my ass all day stretching out so that I can be ready for his cock. I submit to everything my "sir" desires, opening my asshole up and letting him look deep inside. I stretch my ass, gape it, and hold it as a nice tunnel as long as I can, as well and begging my sir to be satisfied with my asshole. I declare my worthlessness and talk about being a fuck-whore. My sir isn’t happy, so I do everything in my might to get my biggest gape ever and please him. Enjoy

Anal Slave Pleases Master with Huge Gape
This is the third part of the Anal for Rent (this video falls after submissive anal slut, it is more intense and I am more submissive) In this video, I am your anal slave and am completely submissive to you. I start off by welcoming you home and showing you how I’ve been plugged all day waiting for you to arrive, ass in the air. I blow up the inflatable butt plug and gape for you… but its not enough. I’m so upset, I beg you to let me try more. I try again and have an even larger gape. This pleases you, but nowhere near enough. At the verge of tears, I ask if I can fuck myself in the ass so that I can open up bigger for you. After, I try one more time to open up all the way for you and gape with the inflatable butt plug. This pleases you, but you’re not done with me. I am your slave after all, right


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