Siswet19 – Elbow Deep and Double Fist in my Butt

Siswet (Elise) has her friend Noa over and gets her to fist her ass. They spend some time chatting whilst Noa lubes up her hands. She starts with two open hands whilst Elise uses a vibrator. She slowly penetrates further until she has both hands inside, slowly fisting whilst Elise gasps, moans and trembles. The vibrator is put away and one hand taken out. Noa slowly sinks her arm in until she is up to her elbow. She continues to fist her elbow deep for a while until she final extricates her arm from Elise’s ass. They finish up chatting, kissing and hugging.


Name: SiswetLive Elbow-Deep-and-Double-Fist-in-my-Buttmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 439.16 MB – 00:11:22 – 854 x 480

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