Mistress Stella – Pretty Little Cum Dump


01. Pretty Little Cum Dump (31:45)

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Have you ever tasted a real man’s cum? All you need to do is dress pretty, put on your makeup, find a man, and politely ask if you can relieve all the pent up sperm in his big, burdened balls. If you’re lucky, he’ll reward you with a fresh load of his sticky, creamy cum, shot directly into your mouth, validating your self worth as a pretty little cum dump.

While I drench your mind in ooey gooey hypnotic phrases, I want you to stroke slowly and deliberately, preparing your little princess stick to shoot out a nice, sticky load. Your ever-growing arousal will make it so much easier to deeply brainwash you into a state of cum-delirium as I plant depraved desires deep down into your subconscious mind.

Your self worth is tied irreversibly to your ability to unburden alpha males’ backed up testicle cream. Making a man cum makes you feel sexy, confident, and fulfilled. Giving men pleasure with your soft titties, wet mouth, and tight sissy pussy until your entire body is glazed in dense babymaking sperm is your primary goal in life.

The more cumloads you milk out of real men’s cocks, the less of a man you become. Feel your inner girl slowly take over as your true identity, filling your mind with slutty pink sparkling thoughts of sucking cock, swallowing cum, and begging for more.

Good girls get to ejaculate like a bitch in heat at the end of this file. Prepare to make a big sticky mess, sweetheart.

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